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We’ve survived an unusual winter in BC this season.  As February comes to a close, surely we’ve all created new ways of handling our tasks in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas.

We’ve discovered better ways to streamline business practices and processes, we’ve fine tuned and strengthened our methods… Some of us may have even thought up new business concepts and ideas…

Joyful Jo, also has stronger designs and new business relationships.  Some of which are being shared with you here, today.  Have a look:


As some of you may already know, I’ve been plugging away at the creation and implementation of Joyful Outcomes during this past year.

Some news regarding Joyful Outcomes for you:

The website is officially LIVE.  Not only that, we’ve also got a Facebook Page and we’re now on Instagram. Every like, share, and follow – helps (;


Thank you,

Joyful Jo




PS – Hope you’ve had a FANTASTIC FEBRUARY.


PPS – Wishing you a MAGICAL MARCH!


PPPS — Thank you for your support!





A Joyful Outcomes Update!



So, it’s been a while since you’ve received an updated update.  More specifically, you might be wondering what’s happening with the dream to reality goals and wishlists and plans for Joyful Outcomes? Yes??

The short answer:  LOTS!!! Loads!! Plenty!

The longer response would be: Well, there is a very long way to go yet.  The journey which is really just beginning, is a path that will take a while to do what we set out to do… years. We are working on creating a solid base and a strong foundation. At this moment, we do have much that is on the back end of the processes… And, we’ve also got a few mini tidbits for you – and some results you can follow along with..

We have steady flow of creation happening.  That’s a good sign, right?


Go big or go home… isn’t that what they say?



That’s right!  Joyful Outcomes has a new website!

And that’s not all… we’ve got a few social things happening too:

Joyful Outcomes on Facebook!

Joyful Outcomes on Instagram!

Joyful Outcomes on Twitter!

Get in touch!  Check us out!  Follow us!  Like us! Share! Send us some feedback!

We welcome your support — and every little bit helps.


Thank you!


Some Days

Some days, still feel the sting of the rain, these feelings are just insane.  Missing you oh so very much, really do miss your tender touch.  Other days feel as though, am happy about the hush.  Longed for freedom, to stand on my own, desires in nature, confidence, an open heart, wanting a humble abode, had to flee, lacking in truth, needed solitude, retreat, it was time to flush it out, no more mucking about, time to get down to the root.

Some days are still so lonely, even after all is said and done.  Loving you, just a memory now, thought you were the one.  Missing you, holding you, dancing with you, all those poached eggs and cups of coffee, amazing collaborations, we shared abundance in creativity.

The pain of losing you, even though it was mutual, we agreed, too much to bare, instead, spent 2 years of living in dare, many moments of craziness, further lies to thyself, and much despair.  The past is gone, it’s time to heal, life continues, the world moves along.

Letting go now, visions of us fade away, I still think of you, despite what I may say, the heart will heal, there will come a day, it has gotten easier in various ways.

Please know this my love, as we move on, as we let go, as we grow, my love for you it was sincere, this I hope you did, you do know.  My dear, enjoy the silence, with every breath you take, those moments we shared, they were far from fake.  Erasure said it too, singing Always.  Out of all the lovers who have come and gone, you have been the longest in my life, after all, you became my wife, as we both continue on our quest, you need to know, you were simply the best!

My hope for you is that you too can learn to let go and grow, to heal, to love again, more than you have ever known, now, I bid you adieu, as we move on and live anew.  Thank you for all those memories, thank you for being you.


© Jo Martinez

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