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Joy is Portable!


Joy is portable, bring it with you.  Life gets busy.  It’s easy to forget our own happiness, when we’re rushing through the tasks that need tending to, each and every day.

It doesn’t take much to keep our spirits happy and full of joy… make choices that make your heart sing, today!


Happy Monday,

Joyful Jo




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When in Doubt…

When in doubt…

“Let joy be your compass” ~ Jane Lee Logan.




Merry Wishes to YOU!


Wishing you all the very best this holiday season.  May your moments be filled with many happinesses!






Highlights of San Diego

san_diego_highlights-1Here are just a few of the many magical highlights and moments from my experiences in San Diego, earlier this month.  Truly, this was a life changing trip and reminder to follow ones dreams – no matter how crazy they may seem.  This entire year has shared many learning curves and insights for me.  This means, many new tips and tricks in serving each of you with your business goals.  In addition, this special year has brought me much clarity on my life’s work, my purpose, my calling, and visions for better tomorrows.  Feeling much gratitude.  If there is one take away I could share with you, it would be to go after your dreams no matter how unrealistic they may seem.  You never know, they might just come to fruition – if you wish and dream and try hard enough!



Thank you!





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Here we are with just a few short weeks left to a new year (and college graduation for this gal).

That said, it’s only natural to think of what’s to come… What’s next for Jo Martinez.


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Wait no further, here’s Jo’s goals for 2017 & beyond:



What’s in store for Jo’s tomorrows?  As a Jo of all trades gal, there’s always something percolating.

The next phase is a project creation which comes very close to Jo’s heart.  Want to help with funding?  Click here! 

To find out more regarding this project and these goals, click the image below:




*Please keep in mind, the Joyful Outcomes website is currently in its’ prototype phase.  Click here, to help this process come to fruition sooner.


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New Portfolio Streams

As graduation quickly approaches, and as more projects come to completion, tis time to share more visuals with you (my dedicated followers).  After all, some of these updates are long overdue, wouldn’t you agree?

More to come… one step at a time.


Thank you!  ❤

PS – More visuals and recent project works, have been added to my website recently, too. Have a look when you have time.  www.jomartinez.com




Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Small Business Specialist, and Former Travel Professional ~ A Jo of all trades kind of gal, who has learned to master a few things. A gal who remains teachable, and believes in sharing the wealth. Current goals include graduating from LaSalle College Vancouver with a Graphic Design Diploma and moving forward with all the new graphic design and photography skills learned. Jo’s Motto: Spreading joy and inspiration, one message at a time. Website: http://www.jomartinez.com Email: getinspired@jomartinez.com Thank you!

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Creativity Calls


Off to San Diego for the Adobe Max Conference this week (aka – The Creativity Conference).  Time to learn to master a few more tips n tricks of the trade.  Always striving to better serve those I serve…

Will share a few highlights upon my return.  Until then, stay inspired!



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