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Joy is Portable!


Joy is portable, bring it with you.  Life gets busy.  It’s easy to forget our own happiness, when we’re rushing through the tasks that need tending to, each and every day.

It doesn’t take much to keep our spirits happy and full of joy… make choices that make your heart sing, today!


Happy Monday,

Joyful Jo




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Merry Wishes to YOU!


Wishing you all the very best this holiday season.  May your moments be filled with many happinesses!






Make a Wish!


Make a Wish!

A Poem for Robin Williams?

Are free spirits, ever, truly free?

Must always a string be attached, playing with lives like a marionette.?.

My dog, the being that keeps me going, on days that are most of a challenge…

Many do not understand, cannot comprehend, the mind of a genius…  Best explained by Don McLean… “Vincent”

Each year closing in, gets darker and darker, even those who shine the most can have their lights dimmed ~ for then can we truly have hope?

Too many forces working against… sincerity of spiritual, creative beings.  Persevere?  Why bother – in the end, it all gets crushed again – every dream, every wish, every moment of happiness, stolen…

Understanding the mind of great ones like late and great Robin Williams… Making the sad choice to disappear into a dark abyss… For one can only get back up and dust themselves off so many times…

Be kind to thy neighbour, have their back,

For if not you, then, who will?


© Jo Martinez Photography

© Jo Martinez

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