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Joy is Portable!


Joy is portable, bring it with you.  Life gets busy.  It’s easy to forget our own happiness, when we’re rushing through the tasks that need tending to, each and every day.

It doesn’t take much to keep our spirits happy and full of joy… make choices that make your heart sing, today!


Happy Monday,

Joyful Jo




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We Have Enough…

gratitude_rock_n_quoteGratitude and joy basically go hand in hand.  When we feel run down or cannot find what we seek, perhaps a moment to breathe and express gratitude will help.

Thank you!

Joyful Jo




2017 Joyful Wishes

2017 Joyful wishes and positive vibes coming your way.. Hope the first week of your new year is all you’ve wanted it to be.

1 week down, 51 to go… let this be your best year yet!



Highlights of San Diego

san_diego_highlights-1Here are just a few of the many magical highlights and moments from my experiences in San Diego, earlier this month.  Truly, this was a life changing trip and reminder to follow ones dreams – no matter how crazy they may seem.  This entire year has shared many learning curves and insights for me.  This means, many new tips and tricks in serving each of you with your business goals.  In addition, this special year has brought me much clarity on my life’s work, my purpose, my calling, and visions for better tomorrows.  Feeling much gratitude.  If there is one take away I could share with you, it would be to go after your dreams no matter how unrealistic they may seem.  You never know, they might just come to fruition – if you wish and dream and try hard enough!



Thank you!




Fun with Photos – 1


Just a fun dabble to inspire your day!



September Motivationz


Hello September – it’s been a while.  Here we go… back to rainy weather and wishing we could sleep in and snuggle for just a few more minutes in the mornings… I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy the leaves changing colours and the smell of fireplaces… here’s a wee bit of inspiration to help you stay motivated.



Summer Highlights 2016


As summer comes to a close, thought I’d share with you, a few of the special memories, magical moments, and many – many photos…

Literally thousands of photos were taken, it was tough to sum it all up… these shots made the cut.  Enjoy!

There really were so many amazing moments created this summer… fears faced, more healing, letting go of that which no longer serves, lots of love and laughter and joy, friendships, change, growth, meditation, contemplation, fun, play time, good wine, goal setting and goal achieving, and much clarity gained — I’d say this was a very well balanced summer, feeling very grateful, satisfied and content.  Thank you summer 2016.



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