Legal Mumbo


All creativity ownership and copyrights of all posts, content, visuals, and any other creative mediums, belong to the creative peeps mentioned on this site, in each individual post, page, resource, and all else that are seen.  All poems are copyright of Jo Martinez, unless otherwise specified as in “Featured Friends” for example.  Visual credits go to those being mentioned.  We are all artisans in our own rights.  Should you wish to borrow any creativity from this site, please feel free yet, give give credit where it is due… Jo is a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due and hopes that those who have a desire to borrow or use any of the content posted on this site, visuals, etc, would share that same courtesy.  Thank you.

Please note that even though, freedom to express one’s opinion is encouraged, please remember that each of us owns our own words.  Comments are monitored.  Any remarks that promote topics in a negative fashion, or are spam related, or sexist, or racial, or any other form of negativity, will be removed.  Comments may also be edited.  If you feel your comment can help someone in a positive way, by all means, please share your point of view.  Thank you for your understanding and for respecting your fellow persons.


Thank you!


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