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Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Searching for clovers… four leaf clovers… May you find your four leaf clovers and rainbows and pots o’gold.




Here’s to you during this magical month of March.


Joy is Portable!


Joy is portable, bring it with you.  Life gets busy.  It’s easy to forget our own happiness, when we’re rushing through the tasks that need tending to, each and every day.

It doesn’t take much to keep our spirits happy and full of joy… make choices that make your heart sing, today!


Happy Monday,

Joyful Jo


Hey, guess what?  Joyful Outcomes is now on Instagram:

Follow and support an INSPIRING and AWESOME new page.



We Have Enough…

gratitude_rock_n_quoteGratitude and joy basically go hand in hand.  When we feel run down or cannot find what we seek, perhaps a moment to breathe and express gratitude will help.

Thank you!

Joyful Jo



A Joyful Outcomes Update!



So, it’s been a while since you’ve received an updated update.  More specifically, you might be wondering what’s happening with the dream to reality goals and wishlists and plans for Joyful Outcomes? Yes??

The short answer:  LOTS!!! Loads!! Plenty!

The longer response would be: Well, there is a very long way to go yet.  The journey which is really just beginning, is a path that will take a while to do what we set out to do… years. We are working on creating a solid base and a strong foundation. At this moment, we do have much that is on the back end of the processes… And, we’ve also got a few mini tidbits for you – and some results you can follow along with..

We have steady flow of creation happening.  That’s a good sign, right?


Go big or go home… isn’t that what they say?



That’s right!  Joyful Outcomes has a new website!

And that’s not all… we’ve got a few social things happening too:

Joyful Outcomes on Facebook!

Joyful Outcomes on Instagram!

Joyful Outcomes on Twitter!

Get in touch!  Check us out!  Follow us!  Like us! Share! Send us some feedback!

We welcome your support — and every little bit helps.


Thank you!


When in Doubt…

When in doubt…

“Let joy be your compass” ~ Jane Lee Logan.


Unique Visuals – 3D Project Creation


What you see here are images from a recent design project created with 3D software.  The chess pieces were actually created as part of a city scape scene.  You’ll notice, they are very chess-like looking buildings.  That 3D city scape project, was actually the main inspiration for creating this concept environment.


Joyful Jo – The Designer!


PS – I’ve added a new page to my website.  Check it out, when you have time:


PPS – YES!  I’m open to new creative work project requests and opportunities!

PPPS – Thank you!



Merry Wishes to YOU!


Wishing you all the very best this holiday season.  May your moments be filled with many happinesses!








This goal, is one which is very dear to Jo’s heart.  It is part of Jo’s life purpose, part of her calling, this goal is much too large to be accomplished on her own…

To find out more regarding this vision, visit:

Much help is needed to bring the long-term vision to reality.

How soon are funds needed?  


Current Ways to Contribute:


Go Fund Me Donation –

Paypal Me Donation –


Hire Jo to do Freelance Work –

Help spread the word –


To find out more regarding this vision, visit:


Cheers to your joys and success.

Thank you!




Branding And Design Solution – Cruise Line

The task for this project was to create a new transport company, which is unique to what is currently on the market.

The result is what you see here…  A Pet Friendly Cruise Line.  This is a fictitious company created to show and display advertising mock-ups and brand guidelines.

Like what you see… feel free to get in touch.


Like what you see… feel free to get in touch.


Package Design Solution – Chess Set

Package Design Solution for a Premium Chess Set. Inspired by Joyful Outcomes.

For more information get in touch or visit:


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Here we are with just a few short weeks left to a new year (and college graduation for this gal).

That said, it’s only natural to think of what’s to come… What’s next for Jo Martinez.


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Wait no further, here’s Jo’s goals for 2017 & beyond:



What’s in store for Jo’s tomorrows?  As a Jo of all trades gal, there’s always something percolating.

The next phase is a project creation which comes very close to Jo’s heart.  Want to help with funding?  Click here! 

To find out more regarding this project and these goals, click the image below:




*Please keep in mind, the Joyful Outcomes website is currently in its’ prototype phase.  Click here, to help this process come to fruition sooner.


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