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Hearts of the Ocean

Hearts of the Ocean-Signature

Diamonds in the Ruff

Diamonds, a girls’ best friend

Loves of today

Loves of yesterday

Love still to come

Breathe quiet now

Hear the hum

That sound

Magic flows

Each subtle wave

Each crashing wave






On the horizon


Blue diamond

The mother load.

Written and Edited by: Jo Martinez

Haiku For 2015

Breathing in goodness

Let go of what’s not working

Embrace happiness!

© Jo Martinez

A Poem for Robin Williams?

Are free spirits, ever, truly free?

Must always a string be attached, playing with lives like a marionette.?.

My dog, the being that keeps me going, on days that are most of a challenge…

Many do not understand, cannot comprehend, the mind of a genius…  Best explained by Don McLean… “Vincent”

Each year closing in, gets darker and darker, even those who shine the most can have their lights dimmed ~ for then can we truly have hope?

Too many forces working against… sincerity of spiritual, creative beings.  Persevere?  Why bother – in the end, it all gets crushed again – every dream, every wish, every moment of happiness, stolen…

Understanding the mind of great ones like late and great Robin Williams… Making the sad choice to disappear into a dark abyss… For one can only get back up and dust themselves off so many times…

Be kind to thy neighbour, have their back,

For if not you, then, who will?


© Jo Martinez Photography

© Jo Martinez

In It to Win It

In it to win it,

Ain’t no other way…


In it to win it,

Won’t be led astray…


In it to win it,

Some days,

It’s tough to be “gay”…


In it to win it,

Despite what they may say…


In it to win it,

There ain’t no other way.



Written & Edited by: Jo Martinez



In memory of the late Maya Angelou, I have decided to repost and share the following poem I wrote last Spring…  Thank you Ms. Maya Angelou, for being such an inspiration and for leaving behind a lasting legacy of goodness…





Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust,


On the other side now,

Miss you so much,

Death, a part of life,

Life, a part of death,

Born to this world,

Grew over time,

Held your hand,

Much love gained,

No more pain,

Mourning, grieving, sorrow, loss,

Cycles of life,

Change in the wind,

Memories, laughter, madness, tears,

Thank you for being there through all our yesteryears.


© Jo Martinez





Hidden from no one.

Only from self.


Be true.

Be true..

Be true…




Coming back to find you.



© Jo Martinez





How does a writer survive the insanity of their own mind?

Or, a creative genius, how do they keep the flow?

Push on through


Let magic fill your soul.


© Jo Martinez




Haiku 4 ~ Discovery


Cramping up in time

Nurture a new way today

Freedom tomorrow


© Jo Martinez



Haiku 3 ~ Blockages


Constant flow always

Lack of energy movement

No good for the soul


© Jo Martinez




Haiku 2 ~ Haiku For You


A Haiku for you

Not happy nor sad just is

A few words for you


© Jo Martinez




Haiku 1 ~ Haiku Time


National Haiku

Month is Feb every year

That time is now here


© Jo Martinez




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