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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year from Joyful Jo!

A few tips and tricks (and inspiring photography) to help guide you through your best year yet!


1. Dedicate one day per month to passion projects. Imagine, 1-11 hours or more, every month – towards goals that excite you.

2. Do something you’ve never done before.

3. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. A day trip up the coast? Perhaps, an African Safari?

4. Invest $100 or more toward something that helps improve your design projects and work flow.

5. Create a wishlist of 10-12 tasks/dreams/goals – you’d love to accomplish within the next 12 months. Put your list up on the fridge, or on your bathroom mirror.

6. Commit to learning something new. A weekend workshop? A new diploma?

7. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Reward yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and reflect on all you’ve achieved up to this point.

8. Give back, share the wealth, and pay it forward. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to know what we know.

9. Visualize your future – make a conscious effort each week (each day is even better), to picture your life a few years down the road … even just 6 months or 1 – 2 years, creates more clarity.

10. Accept who you are and find your uniqueness. Be the you, you were born to be!

11. Make an outrageous wish! One crazy and close to impossible wish. Imagine what would happen and how your life would look like, if this wish came true.

12. Be a tourist in your own town. Visit a museum or art gallery. Go sightseeing. Why not?

13. Turn your phone off for A WHOLE DAY. I dare ya …

14. Invest 5% more than you did last year.

15. Volunteer your time 5% more than you did last year. Imagine what the world would look like, if everybody cared just a little bit more.

16. Re-arrange all the furniture in at least one room of your house.

17. Create something for the future.

Thank you!

Written and edited by Jo Martinez.

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Unique Visuals – 3D Project Creation


What you see here are images from a recent design project created with 3D software.  The chess pieces were actually created as part of a city scape scene.  You’ll notice, they are very chess-like looking buildings.  That 3D city scape project, was actually the main inspiration for creating this concept environment.


Joyful Jo – The Designer!


PS – I’ve added a new page to my website.  Check it out, when you have time:


PPS – YES!  I’m open to new creative work project requests and opportunities!

PPPS – Thank you!



Merry Wishes to YOU!


Wishing you all the very best this holiday season.  May your moments be filled with many happinesses!




Landscape Photography – Electric Sunset


This spontaneously inspired photoshoot is what can result when we have plans, yet allow ourselves to detach from the outcomes.

This is when magic happens!

May your Monday be filled with many magical moments.  Enjoy your day!

Highlights of San Diego

san_diego_highlights-1Here are just a few of the many magical highlights and moments from my experiences in San Diego, earlier this month.  Truly, this was a life changing trip and reminder to follow ones dreams – no matter how crazy they may seem.  This entire year has shared many learning curves and insights for me.  This means, many new tips and tricks in serving each of you with your business goals.  In addition, this special year has brought me much clarity on my life’s work, my purpose, my calling, and visions for better tomorrows.  Feeling much gratitude.  If there is one take away I could share with you, it would be to go after your dreams no matter how unrealistic they may seem.  You never know, they might just come to fruition – if you wish and dream and try hard enough!


Thank you!




Fun with Photos – 1


Just a fun dabble to inspire your day!


Mom’s Birthday – Photo Shoot!

Mom’s birthday – photo shoot…

Happy birthday month mom, love you!!




PS – You’re beautiful!!


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