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We’ve survived an unusual winter in BC this season.  As February comes to a close, surely we’ve all created new ways of handling our tasks in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas.

We’ve discovered better ways to streamline business practices and processes, we’ve fine tuned and strengthened our methods… Some of us may have even thought up new business concepts and ideas…

Joyful Jo, also has stronger designs and new business relationships.  Some of which are being shared with you here, today.  Have a look:


As some of you may already know, I’ve been plugging away at the creation and implementation of Joyful Outcomes during this past year.

Some news regarding Joyful Outcomes for you:

The website is officially LIVE.  Not only that, we’ve also got a Facebook Page and we’re now on Instagram. Every like, share, and follow – helps (;


Thank you,

Joyful Jo


PS – Hope you’ve had a FANTASTIC FEBRUARY.


PPS – Wishing you a MAGICAL MARCH!


PPPS — Thank you for your support!








This goal, is one which is very dear to Jo’s heart.  It is part of Jo’s life purpose, part of her calling, this goal is much too large to be accomplished on her own…

To find out more regarding this vision, visit:

Much help is needed to bring the long-term vision to reality.

How soon are funds needed?  


Current Ways to Contribute:


Go Fund Me Donation –

Paypal Me Donation –


Hire Jo to do Freelance Work –

Help spread the word –


To find out more regarding this vision, visit:


Cheers to your joys and success.

Thank you!




Music Video Experiment!

Good day readers!

Included in my graphic design diploma schooling, we have an audio/video editing course. One of our assignments, we were required to create a music video… (hello more dreams coming true!!)

Anyway, thought, I would share this creation with you.  Wanna see?  Click here!

As a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, this video does contain copyrighted content.  The music is not my original creation (as those who know the song would know), and the video footage is a whole lot of/ton of sourced materials borrowed from a video stock site. All the compiling, altering, editing,  fades, split screens – and putting together all the audio and video footage, to create good flow and the results you see – was me.

On that note, let’s just call this music video, a collaboration of good will with all credits given to all those parties involved.

Thank you!





Three Arien Sisters, One Sunny Summer Day

JO:                  A spontaneous afternoon shared by three Aries writers.  An afternoon as magical as any.  What began as the last meeting of the season at a monthly writers group, ricocheted into an indecisive day filled with many moments of laughter, giddiness and much joy.  They somehow managed a tour of the River Market, local sightseeing, and driving all around New Westminster in a bunch of circles.

JANENE:         An afternoon that would completely frazzle and frustrate most people – but not these three gals – no, they laughed like young school girls who enjoyed their first day out with no adult supervision.  There were moments of, “What should we do?” Moments of “Where should we go”, and several jokes about where they could go…

JO:                  Ideas came to them such as “heading out on the highway”, impulsive road trips – driving to Alaska, California wine tours… the excitement that arose from the possibilities of what they “could” do or where they “could” go filled their spirits, as though they had just gone to those places… Leave it to three writers, three Aries, three gals at forks on their journey through life, to find a story in every experience.

JANENE:         They walked into Surjeet’s home and were greeted with gracious arms.  Aromatic smells filled the house.   Women who wore bright turquoise, pink, green and printed saris were cooking.  Men sat in the dining room wearing their traditional dress, held court.  They sat at the guest table and ate savoury vegetarian dishes.  Royalty couldn’t demand more.  They thanked their hostess, Surjeet for her hospitality.  Poof! The Aries girls were on their way.

JO:                  Funny thing is, even with a bit of a twist, in the end, they did make it to their destination.  The place where they were meant to be.

JANENE:         Dear Valerie,

JO:                  Thank you for the adventures!

JANENE:         Thank you for the memories!

BOTH:             Lots of love and laughter from your Aries Sisters Janene and Jo.


This was a collaborative memory piece written and edited by writers Janene White and Jo Martinez.  The piece was read out at Surrey Muse this past Friday night.  A night in honour of and in memory of the now late, Valerie B-Taylor.

Poetograph ~ Courtesy Of Photographer Janet Kvammen

To learn more about photographer Janet Kvammen, and to peruse her magnificent works, visit PlanetJanet Creations

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