About JoJo

Poet, writer, photographer, designer, artisan, freelancer, entrepreneur, businessperson, creatives person… Jo Martinez is a “Jo of all trades” kind of gal (Though she has learned to master a thing or two).  Pursuing passions and creative projects are a major part of Jo’s story.  She’s always been creative,  since an early age.  Crazy as it sounds, Jo has participated in the International 3-Day Novel Writing Contest, more than once…  Needless to say, multiple manuscript drafts fill her writing space.  Ambition? Or, commitment issues?  Perhaps a wee bit of both?

Martinez has had a variety of content, written works, and visual projects – published over the years.  From poetry, to short stories, article pieces, cooking recipes, photography, blog posts, and much content on behalf of others. When she can, Jo supports and attends various events and creative gatherings around Metro Vancouver.

This blog is a reflection of only ‘some’ of her styles and creative flow.  You may also see the works of ‘some’ of her artistic peers, as well.  She likes to share the wealth and is here to serve the greater good, thus listing at the very least ‘some’ of the 1000’s and 1000’s of literary avenues  around the world.  Perhaps, as time goes by and as this site continues to grow, so too, shall the scope of shares, resources, visuals, content, and all else that resonates.

And yes, “Jo’s Original Photo’s” section is intentionally spelled as it is.

To find out more about Jo, or to hire Jo for your next project, check out Jo’s freelance website: www.jomartinez.com

Thank you for visiting!

And remember to always inspire and be inspired 😉 life’s too short not to…





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