Pride and Labels

Some people are jerks…

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Recently, we supported a Surrey Pride Fundraiser Event.  Photos were posted to their Facebook Page.  Naturally, we chose to share that post on our Facebook Page.  Sadly, not everyone is okay with this…

One of our high paying clients, actually turned into a jerk client after this post was shared.  Ironically, this client’s office is located in Surrey.  This client treated us with derogatory tones and verbally threatened us in a meeting.

We do not work with those who threaten those they work with.  Regardless of the reason and regardless of how much the client pays us, some things are worth more than money.

We support and work with non-profit organizations and that includes LGBTQ groups. We may or may not have LGBTQ members on our team – nor should that even matter.  Love is love.  People are people.  At Joyful Outcome Designz, we do not believe…

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